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Wine Humor

Grapes don't say anything when squeezed, they whine. Roll your eyes and swirl your glass at some of these puns Having Fun with Wine

Wine Cartoons

Cartoons drawn to topics of your selection by T. McCracken. He sends you targeted images, you pick what you like and he ships you the drawings obligation-free. Examples of wine cartoons reprinted on Wine Cartoons

Wine Snobbery

The snobs buy image by the case. Wine and beer snobbery compared and contrasted in social image. With Mexican, Thai, or Indian food, would you serve a beer -- or wine? Michael Jackckson turns up his nose on The Beer Hunter

Screw Caps

Encourages and facilitates the use of screwcap wine seals by wine producers worldwide. International Screwcap Initiative

"... but i'faith, you have drunk too much Canaries; and thatīs a marvellous searching wine, and it perfumes the blood ere one can say - Whatīs this? ... "

- Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part II, Act II, sc. 4)


UK wine blog. "We spit so you can swallow." Vintner profiles, cellar notes, travel, video, and photography by Andrew Barrow on Andy's Scribbings

Drinking Treasures

Burgundy and pinot enthusiasts, neophytes as well as old guzzlers, enjoy this insider's guide. With 30-years collecting experience, Allen Meadows provides well-judged knowledge for the burgundy/pinot buyer. Burghound

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