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Food and Wine

Author of 22 books on wine and columnist for The Guardian, Fiona Beckett, shows you how to include a "bridge" ingredient in your dishes to help match them with wine: adding walnut bread to a cheese dish helps match it with an aged red. Consider also how the food is prepared, rather than the central ingredient as your guide, and you'll make acceptable wine and food pairing choices. Presentation by Matching Food & Wine.

Food and Wine Pairing

Clickable interactive guide allows you to select the dish you're serving and see the type of wine that best matches. Includes audio, videos and podcasts. Wine picks sorted by price from the Wine Experience.

Vegetarian Wine

To clarify and stabilize wine before bottling, winemakers often "fine" their wine to prevent unwanted flavors and aromas. Products used in the fining process may include milk protein, fish bladders or egg whites, which pose hazards for vegetarians. For a list of popular vegetarian and vegan wines, sorted by country, visit Veggie Wines.

Winemaking Recipes

Jalapeno wine, rhubarb wine, tea bag wine. Recipes submitted by customers and friends. Winemaking kits, supplies, and equipment available from Grapestompers.

Cooking with Wine

Dr. Joe LaVilla suggests that cooking with a wine that you would drink is a good basic guide. Beyond reds and whites, the fortified wines: port, sherry and vermouth, also make good cooking wines. Find out which of these to use and when, and then sample these recipes for Risotto Rosso with Sage, Red Snapper Cioppino, and Figs Poached in Port with Mascarpone Mousse, from Global Gourmet.

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Explains the uses of wine in the kitchen -- as a marinade, cooking liquid, and flavoring in a finished dish. Sidebar of questions and answers addresses basic topics about how to prepare dishes with wine. What's Cooking America.

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