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Wine Events

Wine Climate

Switch to making palm wine? In southern England, increased temperatures (3 F from 1961 to 2006), have spurred an increase in wine production. In France, winemakers note that harvests now occur in early September, rather than in late October. Science author John McQuaid explores the implications of global warming for the wine industry at Yale Environment 360.

World Wines

Emanating from a sense of place, Old World winemaking practices are characterized by terroir. By contrast, New World winemaking focuses on preserving the varietal fruit character with scientific and technological practices. The philosophies, style, and regulatory differences between New World and Old World wines compared in The Kitchn.

Award-winning Wine

Vintage 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (SFCWC) now attracts over 5,000 entries in this annual wine competition. This year, SFCWS hosts a toast to the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in this public tasting in San Francisco's Fort Mason Center. Here are the 2012 professional wine judges gathered for a group photo

Wine Competitions

Director Robert Whitley's annual International Wine Competition staged in San Diego lists award-winning wines in the categories of: sparkling, rose, white, red, and dessert. View the results at Critic's Challenge.

Despair is vinegar from the wine of hope.

Austin O'Malley

Wine Auctions

Buyers and sellers of wine gather here. Sellers enter into consignment agreements, while buyers bid on wines on this site. Instructions for buyers on how to select wines. Auction technology for sellers helps them to meet on agreeable terms with consumers WineBid.

German Wine and Beer Festivals

On Helen and Tony Page's Travel Signposts, you'll find wine fest listings from the small towns along the Moselle River valley to the larger towns of Stuttgart, Hamburg, or Mainz. Photographer Tony's images highlight this guide to German Wine and Beer festivals on Travel Signposts.

Wine Tasting Events

Founder and Chief wine swallower Mark Phillips makes wine fun by showing you such things as when to microwave wine, and what to do with the cork in a restaurant. He hosts wine events in cities across the USA. Check his calendar and then watch his video on how to open a bottle of cold sparkling wine at Wine Tasting.

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