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Wine Business


Blackberry, dandelion, and watermelon wines are features in this special recipe collection. Jack Keller of Pleasanton, TX assembles detailed instructions, including basic steps; advanced winemaking basics, and the miracle of yeast. Get started at the Winemaking Home Page.

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Terry Garey's "Joy of Home Winemaking" features a recipe for "Apple Juice with Plastic Wrap," and his recipe for Lemon Mead. Enter the Poetry Cellar, for spotting UFOs while canning tomatoes at The Joy of Home Winemaking.

Wine Business

University of Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture offers this PDF document on how to start your own Wine Business. Beautifully designed graphics. Topics include state and federal regulations, facilities approval and how to equip a winery. Starting Your Own Wine Business.

Wine Technology

In New Zealand, Wine Technology facilitates links between industry professionals, featuring data compiled for the Wine Technology Directory.

Wine Barrels

Calculate the quantity of beverages needed for your party with this handy calculator from Wine Barrel Plus. Site features include a home brew department, a wine aisle, and cigar counter.

Can a weak empty vessel bear such a huge full hogshead? There's a whole merchant's venture of Bordeaux stuff in him.

Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part II, Act II, sc. 4)

Wine Manufacture

Describes the process of making wine. Greek specializes in Greek products, including herbs and spices, delicacies, and drinks. Enjoy a Tsipouro, Metaxa or Retsina.

Wine Investment

Discusses the risks involved in investing in wine, and what sort of wines one might consider as investments. Advantages of investing in wine are explored in topic areas such as finite product, tangible asset, and potential returns. Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Wine Grapes lists white and red wine grapes by varietal, and from a convenient table, takes you to detailed descriptions of each varietal. These noble grape varieties are matched with the right micro-climate in order to yield their fullest potential.

Bulk Wine

Professionally-produced premium bulk wines for sale from Charles Spinetta Winery. Here you find lists of yields by year. The winemaker's winemaker in California's Amador County.

Wine Employment

This website features candidates' resumes as well as openings/careers. Positions such as winemaker, vineyard manager and industry research are listed here. Search for a career in wine making by country at AgriSeek.

Wine Jobs

Wine and brings together quality people with a passion for wine. Employers have an opportunity to list, and job seekers have the opportunity to search for a variety of positions here. Wine and Hospitality

Wine Database

Where did I put that bottle? Free wine database software to help you organize and manage your wine collection. Programs both for the home hobbyist and for businesses from the software directory.

Wine Search

WineSearch Online is a directory to wine on the web. Browse by courses and tours, cultural events and museums, and wine clubs and associations. Wine Search Online.

Guide for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine App Enthusiast store from Apple. Buy and download apps. for your iTunes with this Wine Enthusiast Guide. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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