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Third-largest producer of organic wines, France stands behind Italy and Spain in hectares devoted to organic wine production, Revue du vin de France (Wine Magazine of France), the leading wine publication in continental Europe, reports. Groupe Marie Claire, publisher of the Revue recently announced its intention to approach the global wine market by organizing more wine fairs worldwide, and by exporting its wine concept internationally. Wine Spectator (US) and Decanter (UK) are chief counterparts to Revue du vin de France.

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Nominated for “The Best International Wine Magazine/Guide” by the Comitato Grand Cru d’Italia, Quarterly Review of Wines features many well-known wine and food writers. Archived previous issues include complete articles and stories. Download the crossword puzzles, or for a personal response from the editors, submit your question about wine, vintages and pairings to Quarterly Review of Wines.

Wine Books

Liquid Assets / Book Reviews - lists James M. Gabler's Wine into Words: A History and Bibliography of Wine Books in the English Language. Reviewer Orley Ashenfelter finds no inaccuracies in Gabler's bibliography, and writes that it is a wine lover's book that provides a "virtually complete list and annotation" for wine lovers and specialized book collectors. See also ten additional wine books reviewed by Liquid Assets.

Wine Blogs

Wine marketing and conversation agency, Vrazon, (Robert McIntosh, Gabriella and Ryan Opaz) organizes and presents the European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC). Creating digital footprints, wine journalists and photographers from around the world meet face-to-face to exchange ideas about wine communication. Vrazon creates a digital communications conference, expands wine culture, and creates a physical space for wine bloggers to meet in person at EWBC.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.

– Galileo Gallilei

Founding editor Alder Yarrow began publishing Vinography: A Wine Blog, in 2004. Featuring posts largely from U.S. Pacific Coast writers and photographers; includes also international views and reviews of restaurants, books, and wine events. Editor Yarrow speaks and presents at such events as Symposium for Professional Wine Writers (Napa) and Aspen Food and Wine Classic, and, refreshingly, does not display advertising from wineries, winegrowers, or wine production companies on his blog at Vinography.

Wine Newsletter

Recent posts include topics on trichloranisole, (cork taint), estate family vineyard review, and the effects of wine consumption on cardiac health. Newsletter, cellar notes, travel, and wineries presented by Drink

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