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Wine Appreciation

Wine Education

A resource for learning how to talk about, buy, serve, and collect wine. Includes wine-related games and quizzes. Having taught wine courses in Aspen, Colorado, Certified Wine Educator Stephen Reiss, Ph.D. hosts Wine from his residence in Argentina.

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Dedicated to increasing wine appreciation, Professional Friends of Wine offers "Wine 101," a free online course in wine education. To spread wine knowledge and foster wine enthusiasm, this site offers a wealth of detail and illustrations to teach you about winemaking, wine's health benefits, and wine's social impact through history.

Wine Encyclopedia

Essential for pricing and locating wines, helps you locate and find the prices for wines. Search by name, vintage, and location, and see prices in a range of currencies. You can also search by region/appellation. Free searches are often limited to the site’s sponsors, but a Pro Version is available by subscription.

Wine History

Neolithic Wine, “Chateau Hajji Firuz,” fermenting in the "Origins and Ancient History of Wine" at University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Includes an image of an Egyptian jar stopper with hieroglyphic signs for "grapevine/vineyard" as well as maps of the distribution of wine in the ancient Near East and Egypt. Short article about Archaeological Chemistry.

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A selected collection of links to websites with articles about the history of wine, including the wines of various countries, including France, Greece, Italy, and China is presented by

O monstrous! but one half-pennyworth of bread to this intolerable deal of Sack!

– Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part II, Act II, sc. 4)

Wine Glossary

This glossary focuses on adjectives used to describe wine, including lesser-known descriptors such as “chewy,” “dumb," and “fleshy.” From the book Wine with Food, by Barbara Ensrud. Find this and more at Sally's Place.

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Chris Kissack's Winedoctor is a comprehensive guide to wine terminology, starting with “Abfüllung” (German for “bottled by”) and ending with “yield.” The glossary is cross-referenced and includes many non-English terms, such as “lagar,” a traditional stone trough where grapes are crushed in Spain and Portugal.

Wine for Beginners

Mark Squires's E-Zine on Wine covers wine basics for people who know a little about wine and want to know more. Topics include storage, selection, preservation, decanting, and corkscrews.

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"Thou Shalt Nose The Wine" among the “ten tenets of wine tasting” where you’ll learn why to swirl the wine, why to smell the wine, and why you should order the “sickly sweet” wine if that’s your fancy at 101

Wine Appreciation

Find and order books and CDs about wine and wine accessories – such as racks, glassware, corkscrews, and preservation systems – from The Wine Appreciation Guild.

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Student notes for a six-part wine education course available here from Tom Cannavan's Detailed and illustrated, the notes cover the history and geography of wine making, how the different kinds of wine are made, wine and food pairings, and how to choose, buy, store, and serve wine.

Wine Collecting

Straightforward practical advice on starting and maintaining a wine collection with rules-of-thumb for temperature, budget, humidity, vibration and light. Musings on the Vine's useful worksheet helps you to establish and maintain your wine collection.

Wine Reviews

Updated weekly, this resource posts reviews from noted wine journalists across the United States. In a recent issues of reviewers have sampled wines from Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and the U.S.

How to Buy Wine

Like an eBay for wine! This wine auction site includes tutorials for both buyers and sellers and a comprehensive help section to assist you in getting started. Browse by varietal, country, or price range, or choose from the special searches at Wine Commune.

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With 34,000 wineries to choose from, The Wine Web helps you buy online from wineries and wine merchants. Includes forums, user reviews and tasting notes, and a Wine Blog.

Wine Recommendations

Answer ten questions (or five, for a basic recommendation) and recommends wines to go with the dish you’ll be serving. Recommendations are categorized by varietal, along with wine and food pairings.

Wine Picks

Dr. Vino's Wine Picks and Politics. As well as wine picks (a current list plus archives), this site from “Dr. Vino” is a good place to read about wine politics and wine travel (sample article: “Seattle Wines, Without Vines”). The site also includes forums and Dr. Vino’s wine blog.

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Reviews by Frank Baldock “the nose that never sleeps” at Wine Express include recommended food pairings. A reader discussion forum with responses posted by host Frank Baldock.

Enjoying Wine

Which wine goes best with chowder? Avocado and prawns? The Wine Society's interactive wine-and-food matcher allows you to enter the food you wish to match with wine course-by-course.

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