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Serving & Storage

Storing Wine

Where to store wine? How long will an open bottle keep? Ask "Monty Python and the Holy Vineyard" at Supermarket Guru.

Champagne Popping

Better to pop a Champagne cork with the right hand or the left? How long should wine be left to breathe? Wine glossary and wine learning center from Wine

Wine and Health

Prevent blood clots and reduce blood vessel damage caused by fatty deposits; boost HDLs (high-density lipoprotein) and lower LDLs with moderate amounts of red wine. Written by Gloria Tsang, RD for Nutrition topics discussed in forums.

Wine Cabinets

Why age wine? What do temperature, humidity, and darkness have to do with the ageing process? Offering wine cabinets, furniture, custom wine cellar design and consultation. Wine

Cooling Wine

The Four-Second Ice Cube. Alex Bespaloff tames the tannins in your glass. Also, cutting the Camembert, from WSJBlogs.

Strawberry in your Glass

Guide to serving temperatures and type of glass best suited for red and white wines. A long-stemmed champagne flute helps prevent the bubbly from warming too fast. Practical wine ideas from Wine Guppy.

Thou art so fat-witted with drinking old Sack.

Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part I, Act I, sc. 2)

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