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Wine Celebrations

Wine for Weddings

Jenn Jordan's tips and guidelines for serving wine at wedding celebrations include what kinds of wine and bubbly to serve, dealing with caterers, how much wine to buy, and how to shop around. Blogcritics.

Wine for Anniversaries

Tips and recommendations for giving wine as anniversary gifts. Which wine to select for the first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries. Wine from the couple's wedding year and specially-engraved bottles remind the couple of the delight and meaning of their special occasion. About.

Wine for Birthdays

Birthday party wine bucket, birthday cake personalized wine label, gift boxes and gift baskets as birthday presents. Birthday gift ideas to give to a wine lover who is turning another year. The Wine Gift Club.

Wine for Parties

Heidi Yorkshire's "Wine for a Crowd" shares practical insights on choosing, serving and enjoying wine for big celebrations at Wine Answers.

Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.

Shakespeare (Othello, II. iii)

Wine for Business and Corporations

Unique personalized gifts including custom imprinting and artwork make these gift baskets a perfect choice for your clients, customers and employees from Design it Yourself.

Restaurant Wine

Presented by Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine, Master Sommelier. Explores wine trends for restaurateurs, distributors, importers and exporters. Journal by subscription from Restaurant Wine.

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