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Wine Accessories

Wine Glassware

How to choose the right wine glass. Glasses on a budget, glasses for specific wines, and Champagne wine glasses offerings. Wine Country Getaways.

Fine European Glassware

Red, White, Champagne and Stemless wine glasses brought to life in hand-crafted Swarovski crystal. Precisely hand-cut glassware inlaid one-by-one with crystal stones complete the designs. Julianna Glass.

Wine Decanters

Design your own custom-engraved wine decanter. Add your personal graphic or logo. Decanters have a 66 oz. capacity and a classic shape. Made by Libbey Glass. Glass with a Twist.

Burning water, or aqua vitae, is drawn oute of wyne, but wyth us out of wyne lies onely.

–– Peter Morwyng (1559)

Wine Corkage

Professeur P. Ribereau-Gayon's contribution to oenology includes this guide to the practical aspects of wine corkage. Explains the condition of the corkage and its function with the type of bottle used. La Collection Avenir Śnologie.

Wine Maps

Kobrand's Interactive Wine Map Library covers the globe. Click on the wine region by country and then enter region you wish to visit. Korbrand.

Wine Furniture

Bringing you a wide selection of reclaimed wine barrel furniture, including: stave stools and chairs, barrel tables, and a barrel head lazy susan. California Vines.

Wine Country Real Estate

Breathtaking views of wine country real estate offerings in California's Napa, Sonoma, Lake Counties and beyond. Search for vineyards, farm and ranch, and luxury residential villas at Wine Country Weekly.

Wine Geology

Wine from volcanoes? How soil and geology affect wine quality. Terroir - the matching of grape variety with environment - is one topic explored here by geologist Terry Wright in this collection of publications and links.

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