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Wine Regions

Wine Appellations

Colorful interactive wine maps to California's major wine-producing regions. Defines American Viticultural Areas along with requirements for an AVA to appear on a wine bottle label. Clicking interactive takes you to detailed maps for that AVA. Good place to start for wineries, tasting rooms, and how to enjoy wine. Wine Country Gateways

French Wine

Test your wine knowledge with Terroir-France's virtual wine game. Name a region, your ideal grape variety, when to harvest and what to serve with wine. Includes guides to French wines, glossary, and wine posters. Terroir France.

German Wine

Peter Ruhrberg's German Wine Page features maps, wine labels with explanations, history of German wines, and tasting notes. Search for German wines by region at German Wine Page.

Impossibility, like Wine
Exhilarates the Man
Who tastes it; Possibility
Is flavorless – Combine

– Emily Dickinson

Italian Wine

Sizzling cevāpici and tureens of bōbici simmer on the Italian Trade Commission page, showing Italy's glowing reputation as a wine producer. Listings of Italian wine by region; wine glossary and wine library. Regional maps describe the cuisine of each region. Italian Wines.

Australian Wine

Follow links to Australian wine regions and zones. State links take you to maps of wine regions in each of Australia's major wine-producing geographical indications. Wine Australia.

South African Wine

Features on this site include reports and articles by a variety of wine journalists. Tour South Africa's Western Cape regions such as Tulbagh, Overberg, and Klein Karoo from this colorful virtual wine map. South African Wine.

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