Wine and the Arts

Merlot Notes

Pairing wine with music. Which goes better with pinot grigio: Bach or the Grateful Dead? Vintner Clark Smith says that the taste of wine is influenced by the kind of music you listen to. Something to think about as you select a CD title to add to that wine gift basket. Find harmonies and discordances in this article by W. Blake Gray for SFGate.

Bottle and Wine Glass on a Table (1912)

Pablo Picasso's charcoal, ink, cut and pasted newspaper, and graphite on paper. Aerial- and head-on views simultaneously presented in this still-life composition. From the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Oh villain! thy lips are scarce wiped since thou drunkest last.

–– Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part I, Act I, sc. 2)

Wine and Performing Arts

Seventy exhibitors - growers of fresh seasonal produce, delicious food and a large selection of Australia’s best winemakers gather with Mornington Peninsula based bands, original singer-songwriters, roving artists, musicians, and fine artists. Main Street Festival, Mornington, AU

Wine Jazz

Promotes jazz through musical performances at vineyards and by educating area school children about the role of jazz as an indigenous American art form. Healdsburg Jazz Festival

Wine and Film Festival

From Coppola to Hitchcock. Santa Rosa International Film Festival awards. Calls for entries from filmmakers. Lists venues and directions to screenings in the wine country. Now in its 26th year. Santa Rosa International Film Festival

Wine Museum

Jim McCormick's California Wine Museum presents vintage wine-related and viticultural artifacts. Shows the transitional history of the wine industry from Europe to America. Collection includes tooling, machinery, corkscrews. Slideshow tour for the keyboard traveller at California Wine Museum

Wasp from a Hazel Nut

Did the wasp just hatch? In the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection, Helen Searle's Still Life with Fruit and Champagne (1869) is a study in American Realism. Sip the champagne and then taste the plum. Smithsonian

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