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Wine Delights

Sherry Wine

Lisa Shea's "Wine Intro" page explores the history of sherry wine, the best sherry growing regions, and blending methods. Information on the two main types of sherries: pale, dry fino/manzanilla and the dark, full, dry oloroso sherry, from Wine Intro.


Bottled two years after the vintage, True Port comes from Douro Valley in Portugal and must age a minimum of 10-15 years prior to serving. From wine educator Jason Bandt Lewis's quick overview of Port wine presented on the Wine Lover's Page.


The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne (CIVC). On the Site Officiel des Vins de Champagne you'll discover why champagne is inimitable and learn how to choose and serve it. Includes keywords for researchers: principal topics and media library. Learn about the Ambassadeur du Champagne here Site Officiel des Vins de Champagne.

Sparkling Wine

To assure uniform secondary fermentation in the bottle, a liqueur de tirage is added at bottling to make a sparkling wine. Find out when a bidule is added to the bottle to aid in sediment collection and removal from Professional Friends of Wine.

Dessert Wine

Banyuls (bahn-YOOLS), black muscat, and Sauternes are featured here. Why should a dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert it accompanies? Discover The Cook's Thesaurus.

Gourmet Wine

Search by store location, theme or holiday. A special section on wines for occasions features gourmet food, candies, Kosher foods and fruit baskets. Visit Gift Basket Superstore.

Wine Cellars

Fine purveyors of wooden wine racks for homes, stores, and vineyards. Custom wine cellar installations. A specialized architectural design service helps you review design components, color renderings of your wine cellar, paint options, lighting and floor coverings. Wine Cellar Innovations.

Rated Wine

Wineboard Forums features topic posts on collectables, auctions, wine politics, and wine festivals. Join wine lovers, novices and experts, who share their advice on this discussion forum hosted by

Kosher Wine

Retail outlet for Kosher wines. Search by color, varietals, price, region and more. Features Recanati Petit Syrah-Zinfandel Reserve and Arbanel Pinot Noir. Celebrate the harvest at Kosher

Organic Wine

100% certified organically grown wine is made from grapes grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Visit the earth-friendly folks at the Organic Wine Company.

Red Wine

American Heart Association provides information about flavonoids and antioxidants in red wine that may help in reducing risks of heart disease. Learn the potential benefits of drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages from the American Heart Association.

White Wine

After you have sampled the reds, try the whites. Read this study published by University of Buffalo that finds how drinking white wine may help keep the lungs healthy. Some nutrients in wine are responsible for benefits to lung function. Here's to your health Science Daily.

Wine and Chocolate

This magazine for culinary insiders shows you how to make friends using wine and chocolate. Look for the table at the bottom of the page listing delightful wine and chocolate pairings. Indulge yourself at Star

Wine Glass Music

At times, Jamey Turner's Wine Glass Harp has the sound of flutes, other times, a pipe organ, as his magical hands swirl medlies of familiar American standard tunes in his remarkable video.

The king sits in Dunfermline toune
drinking the bluid red wine
"O whar will I get guid sailor,
To sail this schip of mine?"

Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens

Wine Poetry

"A pungent wine, like frankincense, / A glittering wine, like gold and gems ..." from the wine poem by Samuel ha-Nagid. This tradition of wine poetry dates from 10th-century Andalusian Jewish literature in Moslem Spain. Read how his parody associates the age of the wine with biblical characters on the Jewish Heritage Online Magazine.

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