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Wine and Meat

Frankfurters to pheasant. Visit this quick guide to clear your palate between courses. Different meat types shown with the varietals they are best served. Also, featured chef interviews, forums, and newsletters from Gayot.

Wine and Beef

Recommendations for wines to serve with beef. This site accounts for individual tastes for those who prefer red wine, dry white wines, or wines with a little sweetness.

Wine and Fish

Wine, Women & Fishing Tournament benefits the Eastern Virginia Medical School Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Watch decorated boats arrive at the weighing scales at 5pm at the dock party, followed by an awards party at 7pm. Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation.

Wine and Lamb

Running of the Lambs down Waipukurau's main street. Gourmet lamb delicacies, fashion parades, sheep shearing and sheep dog demonstrations in Hawke's Bay's Lamb Country Festival. Other events: Mutton Dressed as Lamb Ball, and Paddock to Plate Tours. Art, food, music and wine at various venues throughout the week in New Zealand's Lamb Country Festival.

Come I am tasting the stars!

– Dom Pierre Pérignon

Wine and Seafood

365 ways to prepare cod in Portugal. Bacalhau à Brás and Pastéis de Bacalhau among the many. A staple food in Portugal, seafood dishes also include sardines and fish stew. With a short fermentation time, Portuguese Vinho Verde (Green Wine) is a young wine. For an overview of gastronmy in Portugal, visit Lisbon Guide.

Vegetarian Dishes with Wine

Watermelon salad with mint & lime. Herbed zucchini soup. Find artichoke & capers salad among the vegetarian recipes listed here. Includes ingredients lists, prep time, and suggested wine pairings to go with these dishes. Treat yourself on Mother Nature Network.

Wine and Cheese

A one-page guide to pairing wine and cheese. Cheeses are listed alphabetically, and some cheese types have links to detailed descriptions about its qualities and characteristics. Visit the gourmet food and cooking resource at Gourmet Sleuth.

Wine and Dessert

Notes on pairing wine with dessert, wine with chocolate. Partner wines that are slightly sweeter than the dish. Experimentation is the key to finding wines that compliment dessert. That's the Spirit.

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